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AB2 TIPS (Video): Improving Skin Texture in Camera RAW

Today's photo tip is all about improving skin texture. Skin is an interesting thing. Even if you're a supermodel with perfect skin genes and a team of the best dermatologists working night and day to give you the best complexion in the world, you will still have pores, bumps, hairs, darker spots, lighter spots, rougher spots, blah blah blah, that the camera can bring out. What comes across in the photo sometimes has a lot more to do with the lighting and camera settings than what your skin looks like in person.

Take our lovely bride here. She was absolutely radiant when I shot her on her wedding day, and her skin was just as radiant to match. However, when shot at an odd angle, close up, with spots of sunlight coming through the trees, some of those features of our skin showed up a little too strongly in this photo. There are lots of harsh ways of photoshopping out these issues (skin blurring, healing brush, etc), but I'll show you a few of the simple steps I took to gently make sure the photo represented the reality: her and her skin were great that day!


-Control the lighting when you can

-Increasing exposure can help, especially with fair skin tones.

-Learn the Clarity tool and what it does to "micro contrast"

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