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AB2 Tips: Choose your subject wisely my friend

When you're out in the world shooting beautiful pictures of roses and puppies, the subject of your photo is usually crystal clear. Put the flower right in the middle of the frame, or catch the puppy curled up on the couch and you've got instant "Awww, beautiful!" reactions from your viewers. Same thing with children, whose bright eyes and candid expressions are really a joy to photograph for photographers of all skill levels.

So you can imagine when we were invited into Yari's home to shoot her family, including two tiny bundles of energy, we knew we would get some great shots of, at the very least, the children. But above is my favorite shot from that photo session, even though the children are a blur. Why is this my favorite shot? Because in this moment, the most interesting subject is their mother, and her expression of calm loving appreciation of their happiness at simply being alive. I see a woman humbled by but still quite proud of the job she has done as a mother.

So when you're out there in the world digitizing little pieces of it with your camera, look around in the viewfinder and choose your subject wisely, my friend. The puppy in the foreground may not be what you want to focus on to tell the story of that moment to your viewers.

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