AB2 TIPS (Video): Swap Faces to get Best Expression - AB2Imagery

Today's photo tip is about that most fundamental of fundamental Photoshop techniques: swapping peoples heads ;~) We use that technique here for a little more practical purpose than you may be thinking. What happens when you *almost* get the shot you want, especially of a group, but one person is just off for some reason? Well, if you have a second image of the person in a similar situation, you may be able to save that first shot! 

Let's emphasize that this is definitely NOT the preferred way to get the shot. The highest quality photos will almost always come from as little post-processing as possible. But sometimes, especially for event photography or other photographic types where you have limited time to get a shot, these types of Photoshop tricks can come through in a pinch.


- Always take multiples of a group pose. You never know when someone will sneeze or blink.

- Subtlety is the key in this type of digital manipulation. Work carefully and methodically, and pay attention to the little details that might give away the editing.

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